Creative Movement


Creative Movement is an introductory dance class for ages 3-5. This class is designed to develop rhythm, coordination, and stimulate the imagination. A structured environment is introduced in a creative way allowing students to recognize their own individuality and body movement. They will play games that will keep them entertained while learning beginning dance skills that will help students to acquire a lifelong love for dance. Each class is 30 mins.

Split Class


Split Class is for students in Grades K-1. This class will help students develop coordination, an understanding of dance concepts,  and terminology. Students will be taught structure and discipline while still having fun. They will receive 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap each class. Through this class the students will learn to use dance as a creative means of self expression.

Combo Class


The Combo Class is for students in Grades 2-5. This class will help students begin to understand more complex dance sequences, as well as terminology. They will develop flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Students will receive a quality learning experience to help them grow in these skills allowing them to reach their fullest potential. There will be 30 minutes of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz during each class.



Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. Each class will enhance the students' learning process while encompassing both technique and expression. Students will develop coordination and  flexibility while learning discipline, structure and terminology. Ballet is required for students who wish to take Jazz and Contemporary.  



Tap dance uses rhythmical patterns of foot movement and is characterized by precision and syncopation. Students will develop rhythm and coordination while learning tap terminology and combinations. Each class consists of warm ups, progressions and combos. Students will be making music with their feet!



Jazz focuses on expression and style while concentrating on technique and stage presence. Students will gain flexibility and strength while learning several leaps, turns, and combinations. Jazz class is energetic, fun and consists of unique, stylized movements.



Hip-Hop is a fun, high energy class that infuses the latest styles and encourages students to bring individual personality and style to movements. It teaches strength, agility, and endurance. Each class consists of warm ups and combinations to all of the latest music. This class is offered for students Grades 2 and up.


Students will explore a range of modern theories and techniques with emphasis on head-tail connection, stability, floor work, musicality, and use of space. Class will focus on contractions, spirals, suspension and release, the use of momentum, and connecting breath with movement. Class is taken barefoot.

Contemporary Combo


The Contemporary Combo class combines genres such as Lyrical, Contemporary, and Modern dance. This class is designed to explore the total movement potential of the body and stresses versatility and improvisation. Students will learn expressive and creative choreography while fusing several dance styles. This class is offered for students Grades 4 and up.

Muscial Theater

This class is all about helping dancers fine tune their performance and stage skills. Students will learn Broadway inspired choreography, movement, and music. Be a triple threat! Class will help to work on fine motor skills, listening, and retention of choreography and technique.

Leaps and Turns

Leaps and Turns will help students work on technique, flexibility and correct placement. This class will focus on balance, body alignment, and strength. Dancers will be able to improve existing skills while learning more difficult jumps and turns. This class is offered for students ages 9 and up. 

Dance Conditioning

Our Dance Conditioning series is designed specifically for the Dancers needs. This class will focus on developing a Dancers strength, flexibility, proper form, neuromuscular coordination, stamina, and the ability to relax and restore. We hope to maintain the overall health, well being, and longevity of our Dancers. Conditioning is offered for students ages 9 and up, class is taught by Michael Howell.

CORE Technique

This class focuses on proper body alignment, discipline, agility, stamina, and endurance. The goal is to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Students will utilize both ballet barre and stretching techniques, along with center and across the floor work.


Students will learn all beginning tumbling skills. Basic progressions such as forward rolls, handstands, drills, bridges, cartwheels, and round offs. Tumbling classes are sure to reinforce strength, coordination, and balance. Classes will focus on proper hand placement and body alignment while providing the building blocks necessary for a students development in dance and overall fitness.

Class Calendar

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